Crush the spirit with officious gimmicks
Pray to your leaders for blessing and merit
Contact broken is dull placation
A fuzzy meaningless nothing workstation

There is safety in anonymity
Neuter all bonding capacity
Banned in favour of efficiency
Evolution sacrifices intimacy

Blue Space - fills our vision
Blue Space - total inhibition
Blue Space - kills interaction
Blue Space - social putrefaction

Vocal castration brings atmosphere death
Dissent subdued, a purge on outlets
Digression’s refuge, internalised fight
Distance and obstacles sanitised

Spark disconnected at your behest
Divide and conquer your proud epithet
Caging all lions, resigned to the circus
Friendship does not sell, hence it is surplus


Control. Control. Control. Control.
A prisoner speaks out of line – no parole
Control. Control. Control. Control.
Remote ignorance to stifle our souls, yeah.

These blue boards, a metaphor
Absence of life, dying inside


from What's Harriet Got? - 3 track EP, released October 19, 2012


all rights reserved



The Red Pills Leeds, UK

The Red Pills took their name from the 1999 movie 'The Matrix.' In one scene, Keanu Reeves' character 'Neo' is presented with a choice of pills to ingest; a red pill or a blue pill. Each is a metaphor - taking the blue pill will allow Neo to continue to live a cosy, comfortable lie. Taking the red pill will allow him to wake up to the truth. ... more

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