Northern Rock Hardcover Story / Art book

from The Red Pills

A 40 page lyric / story / artbook with a hard imagewrap cover.

Features an introduction to the album, complete lyrics for all 15 tracks and page by page breakdowns which provide a revealing insight into the story behind the lyrics and the making of the album. Illustrated by Sarah Webb.

There is a 14 day delivery period attached to the artbooks as they are print on demand from Blurb. We will order them to come to you. If you prefer, you can go straight to this link - and order it directly from Blurb.

ships out within 14 days

  £25 GBP



The Red Pills Leeds, UK

The Red Pills took their name from the 1999 movie 'The Matrix.' In one scene, Keanu Reeves' character 'Neo' is presented with a choice of pills to ingest; a red pill or a blue pill. Each is a metaphor - taking the blue pill will allow Neo to continue to live a cosy, comfortable lie. Taking the red pill will allow him to wake up to the truth. ... more

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